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your dog's best sleep. period


Deep Round Burrow 

DogNest is shaped like a deep, round burrow that is unbelievably soft! It mimics how pups naturally sleep and provides the feeling of being safe and sound in a warm cave or a burrow

Bundle up your Fur Baby

DogNest™ will come with a Blankie to bundle up your pup in the same luxurious faux fur that the bed is made of. It also can be used for extra cushioning for your dog to make the bed fluffier

Super Light and Portable

At 900 grams for the Small and the Jumbo still only weighing 2 kgs, the DogNest™is super easy to carry even for the little ones in your family! It is super portable and versatile and you can take it with you for all your family trips. Also makes for an excellent seat for your doggie and a protector for your car seat when travelling together

Raised Rim

Just like us, pups need the perfect neck and chin support for the perfect sleep. Most dogs love to rest their chin on a raised, soft surface that mimics how they often sleep on top of each other in the wild. High, fluffy DogNest™ rims will ensure your fur baby's neck and chin is contoured and supported for that perfect fit!

Machine Washable

Removable cover allows you to simply chuck the outer cover for an easy clean in the washing machine and still hold the bed's shape for a long time to come

Lush Faux Fur

High Quality Faux Fur that imitates a mother's soothing warm fur and softness to alleviate anxiety and restlessness in all pups

  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Cream

Size Chart


50 cm

Up to 4 kgs


70 cm

4 to 15 kgs


100 cm

16 to 60 kgs or use by two smaller dogs