5% of all Sales goes to Charity

Help Build a New Forever Home for 250+ Fur Babies

Dogs everywhere deserve love and care

Did you know?

Over 30,000 stray and abandoned dogs in Nepal

They are usually a product of unplanned and unwanted litter and old aged or sick dogs who have been abandoned by their owners

81.43% of them have atleast one preventable disease

Recent study shows that the stray dogs in Nepal have a very high rate of infection of canine vector borne pathogen, caused by ticks, fleas, lice, and mosquitoes. These are very easily preventable diseases these animals suffer from needlessly

It can cost less 2 coffees to help one dog

For the price of two coffees, you can save the life of a dog who has been abandoned and has no one to look after them. We can vaccinate the strays against life threatening diseases such as Rabies and Parvovirus and feed them for every bed you buy. 

Each sale will help an injured rescue dog to be

Eva Foam

Against Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus)

Non slip surface

Apart from feeding the dogs in our shelter, we also regularly go feeding stray dogs in different areas, because every pup needs to eat

Dewormed and Tick Treatment

Regular deworming tick treatment is essential to keep our doggies parasite free, we deworm our rescues regularly and aim to deworm other strays in different places too

Call to action

Project Paws and Hands

Sleepy Pups is a part of Paws and Hands charity, which is committed to helping the tens of thousands of strays and abandoned dogs in Nepal. After thorough vetting process, including in person inspection of the shelter and their work, we have partnered up with a few rescue shelters whose work and goal completely aligns with ours; to alleviate the suffering of innocent dogs and to eradicate diseases. Shrijana Thakuri, pictured here with one of her rescues, started rescuing dogs since a teenager. She told her parents she would go to school only if she could bring street dogs home with her!

Call to action

Mother to over 250 dogs and counting

She started the rescue centre in 2016 with her own funds. Most of them are victims of abuse, hit and run victims, or abandoned by their owners due to old age. People and even other animal shelters regularly drop off injured and abandoned dogs at her door, and in just a few years since opening, is now a mother to 250 dogs and counting! Until recently the organisation had received no outside help. We intend to change that!

Call to action

5 percent of all our sale goes to Shree's Rescue

We pledge to donate 5% of every sale we make to Shree's Animal Rescue Centre. You can vaccinate a dog against life threatening diseases in Nepal for around $10. We also aim to build a bigger and better rescue centre so we can employ more loving human carers and vets for these voiceless animals who have no one but us.

Help Build a New Forever Home for 250+ Fur Babies